ACM VRST 2019 [Go to Publication URL]

#Physical Computing #3D Prototyping #Interactive Play Design #Virtual Reality #Game Controller #Quantitative & Qualitative User Research

We presented DexController, which is a hand-held controller leveraging grasp as an additional modality for virtual reality(VR) game. The pressure-sensitive surface of DexController was designed to recognize two different grasp-poses (i.e. precision grip and power grip) and detect grasp-force. 

Based on the results of two feasibility tests, a VR defense game was designed in which players could attack each enemy using the proper weapon with a proper level of force. 

A within-subject comparative study wass conducted with a button-based controller which has the same physical form of DexController. The results indicated that DexController enhanced the perceived naturalness of the controller and game enjoyment, with having acceptable physical demand.

This study clarified the empirical effect of utilizing grasp-recognition on VR game controller to enhance interactivity. Also, we provided insight for the integration of VR game elements with the grasping modality of a controller.