IVI Methodology
for Hyundai Motors [URL]

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Currently, ethnography is the most used methodology to understand the user experience of in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems. Ethnography is easy to acquire specific data because it allows users to observe within the context of their natural behavior. However, there is a limitation in that the user may be sensitive to privacy issues and that only superficial data based on observation can be collected. In addition, due to the vast amount of data, analysis is prolonged, and it is difficult to focus on infotainment itself.

Therefore, there is a need for a complementary UX research method that effectively grasps user needs for an infotainment system.

In particular, we focused on the target users of the infotainment system in their twenties. Twenties are familiar with digital and are challenging and receptive to new functions and systems. In addition, it is characterized by being positive and honest in expressing one's opinions through various media. Therefore, twenties are target groups who need to develop and apply new UX methodology for infotainment systems.

This project proposed a mobile chat-based UX search method as a new design methodology to understand the needs of infotainment systems.

We recruited 9 drivers in their twenties to participate in an experiment in which a mobile chat-based UX search method and video ethography were used at the same time. Through the experiment, we confirmed the effectiveness of the mobile chat-based UX navigation method, and discovered insights and ideas for improvement on user needs for the infotainment system.