ACM DIS 2017 [Go to Publication URL]

#Food #Fabrication #3D Printing #Parametric Design #Dumpling

Food 3D printing is getting the spotlight by offering the opportunity to customize food appearances, textures, and flavors that are troublesome to make by hand. In additive manufacturing, machines extrude ingredients into a certain shape, however, they cannot be applied to all types of food, such as mandu (Korean dumpling). In this pictorial, we extend the research on digital gastronomy by using digital fabrication to create custom tools that assist the process of cooking. We present the iterative process of designing the “Ori-mandu” system, and how Ori-mandu enables users to fabricate dumplings in what- ever shape they want.

In this study, I participated in the iterative design process for the development of the toolkit and presented the process of the study in photographs and video for Pictorials and Video Showcase.