PhenoGrowth UI/UX
for Korea Institute of Science and Technology [URL]

#User Interface Design #GUI #Mobile Design #Web Design #Figma
As a UI/UX designer, I worked on a re-design of PhenoGrowth and PhenoTool systems of Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST). The system was developed to help researchers, who are key target users, record, archive and analyze crop phenotypes with mobile devices.

The system's original design was very function oriented. Too many functions of the system resulted in high complexity, which limited the usability of users. In addition, there was no unified design language between functions and services, and aesthetics were also insufficient, which showed limitations in securing users continuously.

Thus, I focused on these three design considerations for re-design:
  • Establishing a new service identity
  • Modifying a service workflow
  • Improving aesthetics

For this reason, I tried to establish a new service identity, reorganize the service workflow, and improve the aesthetics in the system redesign process.

Original Design of PhenoGrowth

Design Considerations

Re-design of PhenoGrowth

Logo Concept & Design
Color & Image Theme

With these re-designed pages, I and co-worker developed the working pages on html, css, and flask for back-end developers.

Re-designed and working PhenoGrowth service can be seeen in this link [URL]

Re-designed and working PhenoTool service can be seen in this link [URL]