UX Designer/Researcher

I am currently working as a Senior UX Designer at Corporate Design Center, Samsung Electronics [URL].

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Jiwoo Hong UX Designer/Researcher

I am currently working as a Research Assistant Professor in the Department of Industrial Design [URL] at Korea Advanced Institue of Science and Technology (KAIST) [URL], South Korea, with funding from the BK21 research unit [URL].

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Seamless TV
for Samsung Electronics [URL]

#Smart TV #Design Concept #Design Strategy #Ambient Display 

With the advent of laptops, mobile phones, and tablet devices, the area of TV is under threat. Therefore, TV is required to provide a new experience different from the existing one. Existing TV screens have made the main issue of how to create the screen, that is, the inside of the frame. 

The TV screen of the future will provide a new experience by creating an integrated viewing space without distinct distinctions inside and outside the frame:

  • More connected
  • More interactive
  • More intuitive

This project took an approach called “Reflective” “Ambient” “Seamless” display in which TV actively reflects and harmonizes the outside world as a future TV design concept and strategy.

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